Created by studio YY.
Client Binder Group
Photography by Rafael Krötz
Model: Rim Tekle , Feli Rasztar; Sophia Friesen, Marcel Kötter
Styling by Susi Bauer
Styling Assistance Camila Cavalcanti
Hair and Make Up by Sabine Nania
H&M Assisstance Angela Wisotzki
Making of Paul Hoffer


Extraordinary. Factory. Catwalk.

111 years
6 Designer
32 pieces of jewelry
Binder Group

Vertical vision

Picture this: six designers, four models, and three sets, all weaving magic in the iconic Binder factory. With over a century of stories in its walls, we raced against time to showcase 32 exquisite pieces of jewelry, each moment captured in captivating portrait mode. From dawn till dusk, it was a wild ride of creativity, adrenaline, and sheer determination— a day we’ll never forget.

A remarkable project that breathed new life into the traditional image of the Binder Group, perfectly timed for its 111th anniversary.