studio YY

We are always in motion. We never stand  still. We tell stories through our point of view. Behind the camera is the place where the magic happens. We don’t fit into boxes and we love to create. We challenge the norm every day. We are studio YY.


On an area of 450 m² we can realize everything. About 20 minutes away
from Stuttgart and the airport we are fully equipped with a roller shutter,
photo and video equipment, separate dressing and make-up room, two bathrooms, large terrace and kitchen. Also for rent.

Film Productions

We’re keen on moving images. With tons more engagement, video is the
way forward, and we’re here to help you deliver the best results. For
example fashion Film, commercials, campaign, social media content,
music videos, beauty, jewellery etc.


We love to capture the perfect moments. Our photographic services
range from fashion photography, beauty photography, still life
photography, jewellery photography, product photography, catalogue
photography, e-commerce, lifestyle photography, hollowman, 360° etc.


You can’t get away from the fact that all images or raw film footage will
need a final going-over before delivery. Our team of high-end
retouchers and amazing film editors can put the final touches to any
project with the same color grading for both, photos and film.

Architecture, interior

(and 360 virtual tours)

Clear lines and perfekt light. Hidden edges and straight forms.
Passionated seeker for the perfekt view and individuel statement. Also
certified google street view trusted photographers since 2014 with an unparalleled reputation.

Creative Consulting

Are you looking for new ideas or do you need a different approach? If
you have any forthcoming projects you’d like to discuss, drop us a line
or a call. The production can also be done by us, but does not have to be.